About me

I am currently living in Cambridge in the UK with my wife. No pets – but that may change.

I was in my mid-teens when I caught the travel bug. Two years before, I went on a school trip walking in the Odenwald in Germany, including a trip down the Rhine sitting on the hatch covers of a coal barge, and a few days in Heidelberg. The next year I went with two others, an adult and a boy who had left school the year before. Again we went to Germany. Now I was ready for a trip the following year on my own or with a friend.

The two of us planned a walking and hitch-hiking trip around Northern France. We walked for two hours out of Boulogne and then got a lift from a man who drove us to his house in Switzerland where we stayed a couple of days. Then on down into Italy. Our map covered Northern France and we had travelled off the map on the first day. I had the travel bug and suddenly I understood that it was all in my grasp.

The longest I’ve been away on a single trip is a year. And often now my wife and I go for just a couple of weeks. Sometimes I go on my own, such as my trip to Nepal.

Taking Photographs

I started taking photographs even before that. I had a tiny half-frame camera because I wanted something small and easy to carry. My father and I developed my black and white film and I watched and helped while he developed his colour slide film. I couldn’t do much with my black and white negatives and I sold the camera, I don’t remember where or when.

I started again much later, and developed and printed my own black and white photos. I started digital photography with a little compact camera ‘as an experiment’ and slowly moved over to digital as the cameras improved. I bought a Nikon D70 and used it and sold it because I wasn’t happy with the results. I was taken with the Nikon D200 and all that it promised.

And then I saw some photographs taken by someone with a D70 and realised that the camera I had sold was fully capable of taking great shots. It was I, the photographer who had to improve.

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