low cloud over Capileira

Capileira is the highest of three villages in the gorge of the Poqueira river in Andalusia in Spain. The road is full of hairpin turns and obscured by low cloud. In the village cloud covers everything in the mornings, until the sun burns it off. We were there in 2017 and each morning we would see cloud outside the window of our hotel covering the hills opposite.

When the sun rises, it warms up the colours of the roof tiles and burns off the cloud, and suddenly you can see the opposite side of the valley. Each year in winter the snow cuts the village off from the outside world. 

cloud over capileira

When you walk to the end of the road above the village and continue on the track, you can see how the cloud hangs in the valley and covers the village. That’s where I crossed paths with this man and his horse walking down the track from the Sierra.

Photographed with a Fuji X100s

man walking with horse above Capileira