Three French Women

Ah, the spectacles of the woman standing were so interesting. And the hair and the denim jacket. And the closeness of the relationship of the three of them. They talked without polite niceties, like families do. At least like close families who can actually talk to one another do. And they were French, so a whole different approach to life.

In Tate Britain

I was in Tate Britain, and I saw the man trailing his raincoat, looking at the Constable painting that’s in the second photo here. He moved on and I didn’t get the shot, but then I saw him walking past a painting of ships, and that did nicely.

The two people sitting in Tate Britain and looking at John Constable’s painting Salisbury Cathedral were interesting. She was an American cow-girl by her dress. I took a photo of her with my phone when she was standing, struck by the harmony of colour between what she was wearing and the painting.

In The New York Gallery

This is a man in a gallery in New York. I was so taken with his face and hat that I was determined to get a photo. In that moment I didn’t care who saw what or who said what: I wanted that photo.

I did a similar thing in a gallery in London and a woman who worked at the gallery came striding over and ordered me to put down my camera. I did, but not before finishing taking the photo I was after. It’s a funny business, but the act of taking a photo can be quite exhilarating.