Fuji X100s

What is there to say about the Fuji X100s camera? It is a pleasure to hold and to use. The angle of view at 35mm full-frame equivalent is Goldilocks just right. They say the lens is not at its sharpest wide open, but it never bothered me. It is too big even for a jacket pocket but it has a dedicated leather case that makes it easy to carry. It weighs 445g with battery and SD card, and 605g in its leather case. That’s way above the 257g for the Ricoh GR III, but the difference in using them is chalk and cheese.

I tried the X100F but I didn’t like the dial to change the ISO. Is is much easier on the X100s – just put the camera to your eye and press the function button on the top plate having set it to ISO. Then rotate the dial to the ISO you want. Simple and quick. The speed of use of the camera make it just perfect for this kind of shot.

People sitting on a bench in a museum, all absorbed in their phones. The perfect situation for the Fuji X100s