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Lions Playing

One great thing about photography is how it freezes time and lets you see things you wouldn’t see otherwise. Look at these two lions, for example. They are brother and sister. Moments before I took this shot the female sprang up and surprised the male. You can see how he rocked back in surprise right off the ground, with his legs out and his tail out straight for balance.

The only way I could learn that lions do that with their tails is by photographing them and then looking at the shots afterwards. Of course, it is not a serious fight – just the two of them keeping each other on their toes.

Some naturalists believe that the reason why males have manes is that the dense fur protects their vulnerable necks from the claws of other lions. Lions are pretty much the top of the tree predators, so if they didn’t fight there would be no way to keep numbers down, and nature would be out of balance. Fights to the death between male lions is nature’s way. The balance in the system is what matters. Destroy that and everything suffers. We humans are slowly learning that.

The Vervet Monkey At Gorah

This is a vervet monkey I photographed outside our lodge at a camp on the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The monkey stole a muffin from the tray I was bringing from the main lodge for my wife. I slid open the door, tray in both hands.

My wife shouted out a warning but in that second, the little monkey had snaffled the mini-muffin in one paw and was out of the door quicker than you could say muffin.

Vervet monkey looking down from the rafters of the lodge on the Eastern Cape in South Africa for Photograph Works

I grabbed my camera and went outside and photographed it sitting on the deck. Then it climbed up into the rafters of the lodge and I took this photograph. I shot it with my Nikon D500 and the EXIF data of the photograph says I shot at 1/320 second at f5 with the lens at 100mm and ISO 900.

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