Which Is The Best UK Travel Agent

Which is the best UK travel agent? Someone is probably googling that right now. To which the first question is, how do you define ‘best’? Maybe it is the cheapest travel agent. Or maybe it is the one with the broadest range of options.

I’ve used Trailfinders for years. Since 1990, in fact. Of course, if I want a flight to Paris and there’s a Ryanair or and Easyjet flight, then I will book direct with the airline. But if it’s a long-haul flight, then I will turn to Trailfinders. I will do so because they secure good prices and they pass on the savings to their customers. The addition beyond the fare price is very small and in my book that puts them in the running as the best UK travel agent.

An Open-Jaw Ticket

Or if I want an open-jaw ticket where I am flying out to one place and back from another, then I will choose Trailfinders. Otherwise I have to book two singles with the airline(s) and coincide them – and that’s not always easy when booking direct with an airline.

And sometimes it’s just for sensible advice. Trailfinders agents travel. They like travelling and they know a lot about destinations. When I was making some preliminary plans, the agent suggested going a week earlier. A week earlier meant going before the trekking season started, when the hotels would be packed.

Trailfinders also does package holidays and tailor-made holidays. Normally I would not use a travel agent to arrange a holiday. Tamara and I prefer to simply get off the plane and make our own way. But sometimes it makes sense, where there are individual things ‘on the ground’ to coordinate.

Bringing This Up To Date

We are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, and I am getting endless messages from companies of all kinds.

I just received an email from Trailfinders and it is different from many I have received. It describes how the company set up a Trust Account in 1993 to ring-fence customers’ monies. It laments that companies such as Thomas Cook that just went into administration, did not do so.

Trailfinders travel agent logo

The result was that Thomas Cook who were already in dire straits as early as 2011, cost the Government at least £500 million. And that means that the load is spread and borne by the British taxpayer.

It describes how Trailfinders have also been obliged to contribute over £7 million in ATOL fees over the years to allay the misery when the business model of their competitors fail.

And just in case you are wondering, this is a testimonial from me – no affiliate link or whatever. In fact, no links! Just google them. This is their logo, so they should be easy to spot among the competition.