John Robertson

John Robertson is a comedian, TV presenter, columnist, multimedia artist, and games designer. He co-hosts Sky’s “Videogame Nation”, the UK’s only dedicated gaming TV show.

The son of a journalist, John has written op-ed pieces for Cleo, Vice, The Huffington Post, SBS Comedy and The List.

I got this information from his site, and given that he is a comedian, it could all be made up.

I photographed him at the Edinburgh Fringe in summer 2015. And I am so disappointed that I missed focus on his eyes. He was probably moving forward when I took the shot, and I was not on the ball enough to get him to stop so that I could be sure of focus.

Ria Lina

I photographed Ria outside the Royal Scottish Academy building on Princes Street in Edinburgh. The shoot was between shows during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in summer 2015. 

Wikipedia says that Ria Lina is a comedian, actress, and writer, and a winner of the EMMA (The Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) award in 2003. She has made television appearances on BBC3.

Prior to her career as a comic, Lina acquired a BSc in Experimental Pathology, an MSc in Forensic Science, and a PhD in Viral Bioinformatics and worked as an IT Forensic Investigator for the Serious Fraud Office.

Can the Wikipedia entry be true? Or is Ria having a laugh? Either way, it’s a good one.

The Leica M9 Song

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Leica M9 ?
I’m done shooting Nikons, I want to shoot prime.
It’s full-frame or nothing, and a big LCD,
And manual focus, please explain that to me.

Oh Lord, how I wanted a Leica M8,
But now I am grateful that you made me wait.
Worked hard all my lifetime, to get what is mine,
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Leica M9.

Oh Lord, do this one thing, this one thing for me,
And Lord I’ll review it – I’ll do it for free.

©2009 David Bennett

From an idea of @FrasSmith and words of Janis Joplin