Privacy / Cookies

I, David Bennett, the owner of Photograph Works, don’t set cookies and I don’t track anything. Therefore there is no data in respect of which I am the controller and there is no data that I share or could share.

I don’t allow comments nor media uploads, so again there is no data that I hold. The only way you can become known to me is if you contact me via the Contact page. In that case I will have a name and email address and I will not share that information with anyone. To protect this site, access uses strong passwords and an SSL certificate under HTTPS is in place.


Cookies are small text files that web servers send to a computer. Typically they contain the name of the website and a unique identifier. When you request a page from the server, your browser sends the cookie back to the server.

That’s how it works in principle, but I do not use any kind of cookies, nor analytics to track visitor information, nor any thing else. Therefore there is nothing in respect of which I would set a cookie policy based on my wishes. That said, this site is built on the WordPress platform, and WordPress itself sets cookies, and they are beyond my control.