Cambridge is a city in the East of England about 90km (55 miles) from London. It is the county town of the county of Cambridgeshire, and it is on the River Cam with an altitude above sea level of just 16 metres. It was granted its city status in 1951 because of its scientific and … Read more

Ely Cathedral

Ely is a cathedral city about 28km (17 miles) north east of Cambridge. It is small, just 20,000 people, and it gets its city status because at one time, a city in England was defined as a place where there was the seat of a bishop. And that is the definition of a cathedral. Because … Read more


Capileira is the highest of three villages in the gorge of the Poqueira river in Andalusia in Spain. The road is full of hairpin turns and obscured by low cloud. In the village cloud covers everything in the mornings, until the sun burns it off. We were there in 2017 and each morning we would … Read more

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of eight Royal Parks in London and covers an area of 1.000 hectares (2500 acres). The park is designated as an important habitat for wildlife and is a is National Nature Reserve. It is also the largest Site of Special Scientific Interest in London, as well as being a European Special … Read more